Airless Pump Jars

Refillable airless pump jars with clear outer wall with white inner chamber and shiny silver aluminum collar.  Center-dispensing airless pump jar.  Perfect for your travel needs. Can easily be filled with your favorite face cream or lotion.  Each airless jar is TSA compliant and fits easily into your 1 quart clear bag.  Scentfills is a trusted provider of quality refillable containers and perfume/cologne atomizers and diffusers. Each Scentfills product is carefully sourced by highly-experienced consumer packaged goods personnel who know what consumers need and desire. Scentfills are designed to add ease and comfort to your everyday life. © 2018 Scentfills


30ml/1 oz Clear, refillable airless jars with shiny silver aluminum collar.

High quality clear acrylic plastic is durable, leak-proof and shatterproof.

Dispenses just the right amount of product to reduce waste.

Works especially well with your favorite jar creams and foundations. Keeps your products bacteria free and free from shade changing air oxidation.

Perfect for DIY essential oil blends, serums & light lotions (may be more difficult to load & dispense with heavier creams).